HPE StoreEver Tape Library MSL2024 - MSL4048

The HPE StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries meet demanding storage requirement of businesses needing unattended backup, disaster recovery, or archive capability. The MSL Libraries offer a broad choice of storage capacity and technology including LTO-7, LTO-6 or LTO-5 Ultrium tape drives. Web-based remote management makes the MSL Libraries easily managed from across the room or across the globe, eliminating the need for remote office IT staff. Quickly and simply manage the tape media both in and out of the library with the standard bar code reader, configurable mail slots, and multiple 12-slot removable magazines. If a tape were lost or stolen, protect important business data from unauthorized access with data encryption options. MSL library investment protection and uncertain data growth are easily managed within the MSL library portfolio. Quickly increase capacity and/or performance with tool-free drive upgrades in the MSL2024 or 4048, or move tape drive kits to the MSL3040 or MSL6480 for library scalability and additional enterprise class features. Proactively receive detailed information about your MSL libraries with TapeAssure. Information about the library, drives, and media are all monitored for utilization, operational performance, and life and health information. Prevent problems before they occur by proactively receiving notification if any library, drive or tape media parameters fall below Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommended standards.



  • Exceptional storage density: Up to 360 TB with MSL2024, 720TB with an MSL4048, and up to 8,400TB of with an MSL6480 ((capacity based upon 2.5:1 compression using LTO-7 tape cartridges)
  • Easy-to-use web-based remote management
  • Integrated bar code reader
  • Tool-free tape drive upgrades Leverage tape drives in an MSL2024 or 4048 into an MSL3040 or MSL6480 for investment protection.
  • Customer upgradeable redundant power supply in the MSL4048.
  • Multiple interface choices available (FC or SAS)
  • Removable magazines with user-configurable mail slots
  • Easy-to-enable AES 256-bit embedded hardware encryption with compression
  • Extensive OS and software compatibility testing
  • Proven high reliability
  • Achieve the highest level of encryption security to secure confidential business information while meeting compliance guidelines with the HPE 1/8 G2 & MSL Encryption Kit or KMIP 1.2 Encryption Key Manager License.
  • Proactively monitor utilization, operational performance, and overall life and health of the drives and media with TapeAssure Advanced.
  • Quick, easy, and affordable capacity growth.

  • Key Features

    HPE Command View for Tape Libraries Software (CVTL) is a single pane of glass management platform which allows users to manage, monitor and configure all of their tape libraries through a single console. It saves time by performing daily management and troubleshooting tasks from one location. CVTL also provides remote management, diagnostics and configuration for all HPE StoreEver Autoloaders & MSL Tape Libraries from across the room or across the globe. Key features include:

  • View health summaries for the entire library environment
  • View library & autoloader utilization by slots, media, and drives
  • Search for media by barcode label
  • Upgrade firmware for all libraries in an entire library environment
  • View persistent event logs & drive support tickets for an entire library environment

    Command View for Tape Libraries is also the centralized location for TapeAssure Advance.

  • HPE Command View for Tape Libraries
  • Predict and prevent failures through early warnings and recommended service actions
  • Determine if each drive and each tape is experiencing a high (or low) rate of usage
  • Know when to retire tapes
  • Find out the compression ratios actually achieved

    TapeAssure builds a database of drive and tape history information that you can export as .CSV (comma-separated-value) files and import into Excel or other tools to create pivot-charts, pie charts and bar charts for graphical presentation or further analysis. This data can be automatically exported on a schedule or on demand and written to a local or network drive where analysis scripts can also be run.

    TapeAssure real time alerts notify instantly if drive and data quality standards are not being achieved:
  • In-depth analysis pinpoints if drive, tape or data characteristics fall below Hewlett Packard Enterprise backup and archiving standards
  • View alerts and statistics is real-time in the Command View TL GUI
  • Product Highlights

    The HPE StoreEver MSL2024 & MSL4048 Tape Libraries are available with HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced - analytics software with automated, predictive monitoring of health and performance of tape drives and cartridges. TapeAssure Advanced reporting and analysis allows users to get the most out of their investment by knowing how their library is being used. HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced Software is fully integrated with HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries to provide an intuitive, easy to use dashboard for analysis of performance, health and utilization of tape drives and cartridges.

    TapeAssure Advanced analytics features makes use of predictive forecasting to anticipate the likelihood of bottlenecks, failures and load balancing issues in the tape library environment. Analysis of drive/tape utilization helps users to understand available capacity and performance which helps to plan ahead.

    For more information about TapeAssure Advanced, please visit
    TapeAssure Advanced
    The MSL Tape Libraries are shipped as a rack-ready unit. The rack mount hardware included with the library allows installation in a variety of HPE racks. For more information on the HPE rack offerings, please see the following URL:
    Easy Installation

    The MSL Tape Libraries now include the ability to be configured as a partitioned library. MSL Libraries may be configured with up to one partition per drive; four partitions if four drives are installed. Partitioning allows each partitioned library to be presented to the host as an independent library, separate from other partitions in the library. Hosts for each partition own independent sets of media and can use ISV software that is different from the other partitions allowing maximum flexibility and utilization of the MSL library.


    With a rating of 2,000,000 robot load/unload cycles, the MSL Tape Libraries provides necessary high reliability for today's demanding environment. To improve reliability and longevity, all HPE Ultrium products feature Data Rate Matching (DRM). This allows the tape drive to dynamically and continuously adjust the speed of the drive, to match the speed of the host or network. This increases performance, reduces mechanical wear on the tape drive and extends tape life.

    Proven Reliability

    Removable media also has the advantage that data is held 'offline' which means that archive data on tape has the additional level of protection from the threats to on-line data from viruses, hackers and cyber-attacks. LTO-6 Ultrium tape drives include hardware based data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data at rest and cartridges are available with write-once-read-many (WORM) capability to prevent accidental overwriting of data archived on the tape. Both WORM and hardware data encryption features help organizations to comply with increased data security regulations

    Disaster Recovery and Security

    HPE LTO (Linear Tape Open) Ultrium Tape Drives use best of breed technology. By taking the best features from other tape technologies and combining them into a single new technology, Ultrium tape drives are in a league of their own. LTO technology is an open industry standard format; thus data written on HPE Ultrium Tape Drives can be interchanged directly with Ultrium Tape Drives from other vendors.

    HPE LTO tape drives and automation products are founded on the LTO open standard and adhere to the published twelve-generation LTO format roadmap.

    The LTO standard for backward compatibility up to generation seven is to write back one generation and read back two generations. Eighth-generation LTO Ultrium drives read and write LTO -7 and LTO-8 media.
    As part of the LTO open standard, all HPE tape drives and media offer the same standards of compatibility with tape drives and media manufactured by other LTO vendors.

    LTO Ultrium Technology

    Data Rate Matching combines sophisticated buffer management with variable tape drive motor speeds to match the tape drive transfer rate to the host output. . This feature ensures that the tape drive continues to stream data regardless of the environment, and brings three big advantages:

  • It optimizes performance and maximizes overall efficiency, allowing the drive to respond immediately to any data speed changes from the host.
  • It minimizes rewinding and repositioning of the tape, significantly reducing physical wear and increasing reliability.
  • It minimizes the power requirements for the drive by reducing the number of repositions needed.
  • Data Rate Matching

    Critical to the success of data retention policies in highly regulated environments is the ability to store and manage data in an unalterable state. Following stringent guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies such as the SEC and HIPPA, IT organizations must now integrate new solutions and policies that can verify the integrity of stored data for periods that can extend well beyond seven years. Every generation of LTO Ultrium since LTO-3 tape drives feature the ability to archive and store data in a read-only, non-rewriteable format that meets the most stringent regulatory guidelines. Using a combination of integrated fail-safe features in the drive firmware, cartridge memory, and tape formatting, LTO Ultrium provides the ability to archive large amounts of data for periods of up to 30 years in a secure, untampered state. Ultrium tape drives include support for both rewritable and WORM media providing for a secure, long-term archiving solution into any data protection strategy. LTO Ultrium WORM provides the following advantages:

  • A single drive to support all backup and archiving needs
  • Two distinctive tape cartridges to easily distinguish and manage both rewriteable and WORM data cartridges
  • HPE Ultrium WORM
  • A specially designed WORM data cartridge with multiple integrated fail-safe features to prevent accidental or intentional overwriting of data
  • High-capacity, low-cost HPE WORM media that can store up to 6.25 TB (2.5:1 compression) of data on a single data cartridge
  • Support from many backup and archiving software vendors, providing the most comprehensive and mainstream support in the industry
  • The LTO open standard that offers greater choice and compatibility across all third- and fourth-generation Ultrium products
  • Product Highlights

    Micro Focus Data Protector software automates high performance backup and recovery, from disk or tape, over unlimited distances, to enable 24x7x365 business continuity and improve IT resource utilization. Data Protector software responds to the pressure for lower IT costs and greater operational efficiency, extensive scalability and features for continuous backup and recovery operations enable growth with a single product. A superb solution, no other software can integrate better with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise market-leading line of disk and tape family of products, as well as with other heterogeneous storage infrastructures. Data Protector software fully integrates with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise management solutions, allowing managing data protection as an essential element of an overall IT service.

    Data Protector software simplifies the use of complex backup and recovery procedures with the fastest installation, automated routine tasks, and easy-to-use features. The centralized multi-site management easily allows implementing multisite changes, adapting in real time to changing business requirements. Appropriate for medium and large companies in any industry, Data Protector software is the ideal solution to reduce IT costs and complexity while remaining reliable and scalable to grow from single server environments to the largest distributed enterprise infrastructures.

    For further information, please visit our web page at:
    Micro Focus Data Protector software

    The MSL2024 & MSL4048 Tape Libraries are supported with HPE Library and Tape Tools (L&TT). L&TT is a free diagnostic tool for all of HPE's tape storage products. This robust diagnostic tool is designed for both the experienced professional and the untrained administrator, and it allows customers to verify the installation, ensure product reliability, perform diagnostics and achieve faster resolution of tape device issues. L&TT performs firmware upgrades, verification of device operation, failure analysis and a range of utility functions. Performance tools assist in troubleshooting issues and system configuration checks warn of common host issues. It also provides seamless integration with HPE support by generating and e-mailing test results and support tickets. HPE Support will require the use of L&TT to troubleshoot most device issues, so it is recommended that a support ticket is pulled and the device assessment test is run before calling.

    HPE Library and Tape Tools

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium cartridges are designed, manufactured and tested to provide outstanding reliability for backing up, archiving and restoring your data. We continuously monitor the quality of our branded tapes using what we believe is the industry's most comprehensive and forensic specification for quality and reliability. Using real life conditions and both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and non-HPE drives, we supplement extensive in-process QA parametric testing with ongoing drive based scrutiny, to make sure performance is excellent for any combination of device, duty cycle and environment.

    Because HPE is a leading supplier of both LTO tape devices and media, we have the ability to re-create many different scenarios mirroring how customers use their cartridges. And many of HPE's protocols are either unique in nature or scale, such as the HPE 'Green Tape', and HPE 'Environmental Interchange' tests, or far surpass industry standards, for example, HPE's 'Locate/Rewind/Append' test. Since the beginning of 2016, almost 700 million meters of media have been pulled and over 40 million gigabytes of data have been written in HPE's demanding GTT protocol. All of these ongoing tests are intended to ensure HPE LTO Ultrium media is the most reliable you can find. Your best choice for ease of support and maximum dependability is to use HPE-branded Ultrium cartridges at all times.

    HPE Storage Media

    HPE Factory Express offers configuration, customization, integration and deployment services for HPE servers and storage products. Customers can choose how their factory solutions are built, tested, integrated, shipped and deployed. Customization must comply with all relevant product specifications and factory supported configurations. Factory Express offers service packages for simple configuration, racking, installation, complex configuration and design services as well as individual factory services, such as image loading, asset tagging, and custom packaging. Hewlett Packard Enterprise products supported through Factory Express include a wide array of servers and storage: HPE Integrity, HPE ProLiant, HPE ProLiant Server Blades, HPE BladeSystem, and HPE 9000 servers as well as MSA, VA7xxx, EVA, and XP disk arrays, rackable tape libraries and configurable network switches.

    Factory Express Portfolio for Servers and Storage

    HP's extensive compatibility testing program assures that your HPE MSL Tape Libraries work with leading servers, operating systems, and backup applications and not just those sold by HP. The MSL libraries work seamlessly in many environments, making them especially suitable if you have a mixed system environment.