HPE ProLiant DL100


Are you searching for a dense server with exceptional value to run on-premises and hybrid cloud solutions? Is maximizing your business reach a challenge you are facing because your IT is not keeping pace with your data growth?

The secure 2P 1U HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 server delivers the right balance of performance, storage, reliability, manageability and efficiency in a dense and compact chassis, to meet the needs of growing businesses of a diverse set of customers – from SMB to service providers running a wide range of workloads at a compelling price point.

Front View

  1. Access Panel
  2. Serial label pull tab
  3. USB 2.0 connector
  4. UID LED
  5. Health LED
  6. NIC status LED
  7. Power On/Standby button and system power LED
  8. 4LFF drive

Rear View

  1. Slot 3 PCIe3 x8 (8, 4, 1)
  2. NOTE: Slot 3 supports PCIe x16 (16, 8, 4, 1) if the GPU riser cage is installed.
  3. Slot 2 PCIe3 x8 (8, 4, 1)
  4. Slot 1 PCIe3 x16 (16, 8, 4, 1)
  5. Non-hot-plug power supply
  6. Power supply power LED
  7. Power supply power connection
  8. Embedded 2x1GbE network adapter
  9. UID LED
  10. Video connector
  11. USB 3.0 connectors


HPE ProLiant DL180 Generation9 (Gen9)

The secure HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10 server delivers on scalability, performance, and reliability thus making it the ideal platform for businesses ready to run on-premises and hybrid cloud applications. These businesses need the right mix of compute and storage, enabling them to achieve their most important goals.

Front View

  1. Access Panel ( Top Cover)
  2. Power On/Standby button and system power LED
  3. Health LED
  4. NIC status LED
  5. UID button/LED
  6. USB 2.0 connector
  7. Serial label pull tab
  8. Fixed 8-bay SFF drive cage (box 3)
  9. 8-bay SFF drive cage bay (box 2, for the second 8-bay SFF drive cage option)
  10. (HPE Media Bay (box 1, for the optical drive cage option

Rear View

  1. PCIe3 slots 1-3 (primary, associated with processor 1)
  2. PCIe3 slots 4-6 (secondary, associated with processor 2)
  3. Power Supply 2 LED (Optional)
  4. Power Supply 2 Power Connector (Optional)

  5. NOTE: RPS shown in the picture.
  6. Power Supply 1 LED (Optional)
  7. Power Supply 1 Power Connector (Optional)
  8. NIC connectors
  9. UID LED
  10. Video Connector
  11. USB 3.0 Connectors
  12. Dedicated iLO connector (optional)