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Fertak Technology System (special participation) to back up the activity of the words and continuous, as one of the companies providers of hardware equipment and network strives to with the customer approach, including active presence in the business market of the field and using the latest achievements of the industry and also transfer of technical knowledge to the country can make a small step in the expansion of the use of this technology in other. We have always believed that science, experience and expertise must have the capacity to be at the service of people and thus, in order to establish, by designing focused development strategies and by creating a strong product basket of quality and comprehensive as well as gathering a team of specialists, dynamic and homogeneous, we have created conditions to provide, away from clashes and slogans, the satisfaction of as many customers who are real partners and partners of our success.

Therefore, we are very hopeful that in the future we will also move alongside you, consciously and thoroughly on the path of development and separate our success stories from the language of loyal customers.

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Fartak Guarantee

Guarantee and after-sales service is one of the most important ways of marketing, attracting and retaining customers, and every customer is a guarantor of the progress and future of a business. Therefore, Fertak Technology System, by obtaining a guarantee license and after-sales service from the Comprehensive Guarantee System and the Consumer Protection Organization and other necessary licenses, has endeavored to provide better services to its loyal customers.