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An Overview of Fartak Technology System

Fartak Technology System was founded in 2008 as a private limited company and we are definitely one of the best enterprise IT components supplier among the top IT leading companies in Iran, with a large enough building headquartered in the capital city and a large amount of inventory. We are specialist provider of original IT infrastructure products including servers, storage and networking from the A-brand manufacturers (HPE, DELL EMC, Cisco, etc.) for our regional customers, with over 12 years of experience.

Fartak Technology System

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Niusha Khanaki

Purchasing Expert
Email: n.khanaki@fartak-co.com
Skype: NiushaKhanaki
WhatsApp: +989210729157

Hedieh Yousef

Purchasing Manager
Email: commercial@fartak-co.com
Skype: hedieh.yousef
WhatsApp: +989121715062