HP SAN Switch 8-40

The HP 8/40 SAN Switch is ideal for organizations requiring a flexible solution that is forward and backward compatible and will meet rapidly evolving storage requirements, either as a small "building-block" switch for a departmental fabric or as a high-performance edge switch in larger core-to-edge SAN configurations.

The 8/40 SAN Switch is designed for rapidly growing storage requirements in mission-critical environments-combining 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel technology in configurations of 24, 32, or 40 ports in an efficiently designed 1U package. A fully populated 8/40 SAN Switch with 40 ports enabled features a non-blocking architecture at 8 Gbit/sec full duplex to provide an aggregate bandwidth of 680 Gbit/sec. Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunking can supply up to 64 Gbit/sec of balanced data throughput to reduce congestion and increase bandwidth. The 8/40 SAN Switch also enables organizations to use 4 Gbit/sec SFPs today and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFPs when required.

The 8/40 SAN Switch is available in two models with an 8 port upgrade license to add ports non-disruptively:

  • HP 8/40 SAN Switch Power Pack+ with 24 enabled ports and value added software
  • HP 8/40 SAN Switch with 24 enabled ports (Base)

  • The 8/40 SAN Switch provides a reliable foundation for disaster recovery and business continuance by employing enterprise-class availability features such as hot-swappable, redundant, and integrated fan and power supply assemblies. Moreover, hot code load and activation help maximize application uptime with faster system upgrades and maintenance to reduce the dependency on scheduled outages. Combined with a wide range of diagnostic and monitoring functions, these capabilities help provide a highly available SAN environment.

    As an option for connecting switches in a fabric, the 8/40 SAN Switch provides Fibre Channel Integrated Routing capabilities. Integrated Routing provides native Fibre Channel Routing on a per-port basis rather than limiting routing to special-purpose routing switches or blades. Integrated Routing uses EX_Ports to import/export devices between fabrics, enabling selective device sharing while maintaining remote fabric isolation for higher levels of scalability and fault isolation.

    The 8/40 SAN Switch Power Pack+ includes the 8/40 SAN Switch (Base) with additional software: Adaptive Networking, Fabric Watch, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric, Performance Monitor, and Server Application Optimization. Power Pack+ software provides the SAN administrator with the necessary tools to monitor the health and performance of the network, while also ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability and manageability. Enhanced Power Pack+ capabilities are based on the new Adaptive Networking software, a suite of tools for optimizing fabric behavior and ensuring ample bandwidth for mission-critical applications. Power Pack+ software enables infrastructure management through a single-pane-of-glass.