HP SAN Switch 8-24

The HPE StorageWorks 8/24 SAN switch range in size from 16 to 24 ports, functioning as standalone core switches or as lower-cost edge switches in large core-to-edge tiered storage networks. As a result, it can meet the needs of small and medium-size organizations as well as very large enterprises. With Ports on Demand upgrades, organizations can minimize their upfront investment while maintaining their ability to scale in low-cost "pay-as-you-grow" increments in the future. With a design that provides full 8 Gbit/sec non-blocking, full-duplex performance on every port, HPE 8/24 SAN Switch meets the higher performance levels required by consolidated, virtualized environments. With easy-to-use management tools and wizards, and full line rate performance on every port, organizations can streamline implementation and ongoing management in a wide range of environments.

HPE 8/24 SAN Switch

The HPE 8/24 SAN Switch delivers affordable and flexible 8 Gb/s connectivity and can be incorporated into an extensive core fabric or placed as an edge switch for SAN environments. The 8/24 SAN Switch is ideal for entry and SMB customers requiring a simple, yet flexible networked storage connectivity solution that will meet evolving requirements. The 8/24 SAN Switch provides the needed connectivity and flexibility at a price point that is affordable, while delivering industry-leading performance for long-term investment protection. It is a solution that is easy to deploy and requires little management time, reducing operational costs.

The 8/24 Base SAN Switch delivers sixteen high performance auto Sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel ports. With powerful yet flexible capabilities-such as Ports On Demand scalability to 24 ports in an 8-port increment-the 8/24 SAN Switch enables organizations to start small and grow their storage networks in a nondisruptive manner. A fully populated 8/24 SAN Switch with 24 enabled ports provides 384 Gb switching (8 Gb full duplex) capacity for un-congested sustained, 8 Gb full duplex throughput. In addition, organizations can choose to initially deploy 4 Gbit/sec SFPs and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFP+ at a later date when necessary.

The 8/24 SAN Switch with 24 enabled ports may be deployed as a full-fabric switch or in Access Gateway mode, which provides connectivity into any SAN (the default mode setting is a switch). Access Gateway mode utilizes N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) switch standards to present Fibre Channel connections as logical devices to SAN fabrics. Attaching through NPIV-enabled switches and directors, the 8/24 SAN Switch with 24 enabled ports in Access Gateway mode can connect to Brocade, McDATA, Cisco, or other SAN fabrics.
Key benefits of Access Gateway mode include:

  • Improved scalability for large or rapidly growing server and virtual server environments
  • Simplified management through the reduction of domains and management tasks
  • Fabric interoperability for mixed-vendor SAN configurations that require full functionality